What are the sermons we need today?

New Art Exchange, Nottingham, 2018

This site-specific installation, performance and publication was developed in collaboration with Sofia Niazi (OOMK zine & Rabbit’s Road Press) as part of my Live Archive residency at New Art Exchange in Nottingham, 2018.

Documentation of performance by Abbas Zahedi and Sofia Niazi at Hyson Green/Radford Road Junction, Nottingham, 2018. Courtesy of: New Art Exchange.

Gallery copy:

Artists, researchers and writers have been invited to take up the call to preach by contributing to a pamphlet edited, designed and printed by Niazi and Zahedi which will be handed out for free to the public. Based on a process of research and inquiry, their sermons continue in the age old tradition of addressing the issues of the day.

Come find out more through talking to the artists and pick up a free pamphlet on their preaching stall out on the street.

Source: http://www.nae.org.uk/event/what-are-the-sermons-we-need-today/622

About the Live Archive (NAE) residency:

Abbas Zahedi is a British artist working across sound, moving image, installation, performance and participatory events. His current practice is influenced by his concept of neo-diaspora – the experience of being a second generation migrant, in a hyper-connected world. Inspired by Akram Zaatari’s exhibition and delivered over the period of the show, Zahedi presents his new project, Live Archive, a programme of performances and discussions that create the opportunity to engage with faith-based rituals and artistic practice as part of the same act.

Designed to extend the relationships between Nottingham’s multifaceted Muslim community and New Art Exchange, Live Archive, emerged from a research phase where Zahedi interviewed diverse local communities and organisations. A process of collaboration was then created to bring aspects of existing ritual practice and discourse into the gallery context; entangling the living archive of the community with the exhibition space.

The Live Archive events will include a sacred-chanting ceremony (Dhikr) led by Nottingham Muslim Women’s Network, poetry recitations (Qasidah) with traditional music, a Sermon ‘outreach’ performance in collaboration with artist Sofia Niazi (OOMK zine) and culminating in a discussion exploring Islam and faith as manifested through contemporary image-led society.

Source: http://www.nae.org.uk/event/abbas-zahedi-live-archive/635