What are the sermons we need today?



What Are The Sermons We Need Today? (2018) | New Art Exchange, Nottingham

Live Archive artist Abbas Zahedi and collaborator Sofia Niazi ask this key question through taking up a preaching stall out on the street in Hyson Green.

Artists, researchers and writers have been invited to take up the call to preach by contributing to a pamphlet edited, designed and printed by Niazi and Zahedi which will be handed out for free to the public. Based on a process of research and inquiry, their sermons continue in the age old tradition of addressing the issues of the day.

Come find out more through talking to the artists and pick up a free pamphlet on their preaching stall out on the street.

Source: New Art Exchange

Collaborative performance and publication developed with Sofia Niazi (OOMK) as part of my Live Archive residency at New Art Exchange in Nottingham.