STUDIO JUM’AH: Friday Prayer at the Tate Modern

Studio Jumah Square FlyerSTUDIO JUMAH_DSC2463_DSC2467



STUDIO JUM’AH (2018) | Studio Complex: Tate Exchange

STUDIO JUM’AH was a re-imagining of the muslim Friday prayer, as a site of contemporary art & knowledge production. Aspects of the prayer relating to participation, structure, hierarchy and knowledge transmission were reconfigured and repositioned in light of the public institutional setting. Furthermore, this intervention interrogated the idea of a studio and gallery as sanctified spaces of western modernity; spaces which often function as socially-removed and exclusionary – especially when it comes to diasporic bodies of flesh and praxis.

Collaborators: Jumanah Moon, Lara Orawski, Hassan Vawdah, Hassen Rasool, CSM.
Documentation: Anamarija Podrebarac, Heiba Lamara & Abbas Zahedi.