Fish Bar Symposium

Grove Fish Bar, London, 2010-2015

Steve at the chip shop during a discussion, 2015. Photo: Abbas Zahedi.

In the summer of 2010, I started a regular symposium, open to all, at the Grove Fish Bar, next to Ladbroke Grove station in West London. The premise was to explore ideas around philosophy, the arts and our own sense of displaced heritage. The shop is run by my friend Emre Kazim’s family. Emre and another friend Mohammed Elshimi were my main collaborators in this process. Subsequently, Emre went on to gain his PhD in philosophy, Mohammed was headhunted to work for the United Nations and I became an artist, with my first exhibition at the Venice Biennale. The symposium lasted a number of years and spawned various offshoots in multiple locations, most notably: Rumi’s Cave. During this period my studio was situated in the basement of the chippie, as is featured in the BBC documentary below:

Segment from the BBC documentary (Venice Biennale, Britain’s New Voices, 2017) featuring the Grove Fish Bar and Square Root London.