(un poème pour Clémentine)


used to thinking

treat the mind like udder
unconscious rudder

barely existing


like coconut skin
pouring juice on my flesh


for a dance on my metal
to make me like wind

was I living?
out of dying came spring

into step
holding hands to our breasts
above the lagoons

for mine to never close again

watching flowers
bloom from your centre

felt more real
a glitchy image

so I swam with it
swim good with you

love to see you swimming in your inner cosmos

displaying jewels when I make you laugh

this crown of work that you wear
is no coincidence

not a silver spoon, or a birth right

because you were not born
your light always existed

transitioning into blood so self-aware
it blushes before it turns red

collapsing skies
into valleys of blue
they read your freedom as radical

I say up the ethane

I’m not afraid of ether

not afraid of either

how we are no where

neither past nor future

this world, an eternal playground

brought into existence
to prove that
the way you move
is truly visceral

the gentle way that you do you
your cosmic presence
channeling quiescence
to unlock the power
of your ancestors

how we sit with them
when I sit with you
and bring mine to the table
unfold ourselves
so that they can see their love continues

I chose to burn with you
you with me
become double sun

light upon light

letting love
bring life to the surface

was I dying?
out of dying came spring

kiss the ocean for you
shine on my skin

waves become still
distilled in the moment
losing rhythm

absence of symmetry
was always a given

absence of symmetry
more lovable than an oculus
made up of mirrored camera

caressing birth-marks
is my preferred way of seeing


in times
where you are
really you
and I
really me

even when we’re not

no need to lose ourselves
to love one another

break the coconut skin

dance on my metal
and make me like wind

let me ripen your body
pick a pear with my teeth
drenched in your fountains

seductive fragrance in flux


we are never not in one another

my verses vagabond

strangers in places

like how we met
not for the first time

a reminder that we were once home
once in our own poem

where I clearly saw
the way you compose yourself

move your mind
translating mine and nervous systems

how your heart throws things up
for you to consider – gracefully

I’m walking on vapour

so it’s said:

دل به دل راه دارد

hearts are oceans
between which
rivers flow

coming together
mixing fluid
coming together
I say seven dear Clém

be gentle as your chest expands

break my coconut skin
to find a way in

and across

we worked so hard for a hug

that could have never happened in New Cross

we worked so hard
to believe in love regardless of loss

not foolish
taking leaps of faith
you’ve won many battles
on the way to today

Warrior – I heard that’s your name

I feel safe enough
to put down this callous frame
I been carrying

break my coconut skin
bathe me in the oil of becoming kin

a new language

I felt the god in you
shape shifting fluid love in you
flowing through your vestibules

and you are not too shy
to witness the goddess in me

infusing spirit into new ways

I pray with it
pray good with you
love to see you pray

love seeing all kinds of love
come your way

for a million+ days
not dying or afraid

I’m not lying

out of dying came spring.