MANNA (2017) | Diaspora Pavilion | Venice


For the Diaspora Pavilion, I produced MANNA (Machine-Aided Neural Networking of Affect) - an archive in the form of a mixed-media installation, documenting a survival response to my neo-diasporic predicament. 

To produce this work I was guided through an algorithmic process which links hipsters - the ceremonial drinks makers of the UK - to the historic practice of my maternal family, who were ceremonial drinks makers in Iran.

As a consequence, I endeavored to present myself in the most appropriate manna. 


Sculpture: stone, rice cooker (40 x 40 x 50 cm) 

Image: C-type print mounted on aluminium (122 x 183 cm) 

Frames: C-type prints in frames of various sizes

Sound: 2 channel audio (00:03:58)

Moving image: single Channel HD video (00:01:48)  

Bottles: glass, vinyl-print labels, metal caps (21.5 x 5 cm) 


Courtesy of ICF and abbzah.