The way up and down are one and the same...

And so, MANNA from below is the same as MANNA from heaven

A Machine-Aided Process to make up for the fact that we

The former Neo-Diaspora
  • do not inherit the Kantian leap.
  • We are a living archive, in the form of schizo-embodiment.
  • Situated within our own paradox, and often left to burn or rot.
  • الله يرحمه 
The difference with today’s situation and Norman Mailer’s era of White Negros is that current hipsters are coming off of the back of postmodern cultural shifts

The '68 revolutions failed and therefore resistance to capitalism is now an obsolete ideal.


This is significant because the hipsters of Mailer’s era were engaged in an existentialist imbibing of black culture

& they believed it to be a reality much more authentic than their own.

So they treated the white-negro process as a kind of religious practice.


Whereas today’s hipster embodies a state of irony and complete detachment from any explicit belief systems.

Their cultural inheritance has taught them that resistance to capitalism is futile

therefore the pursuit of capital becomes the defacto guiding principle.


This means that they can keep their utopian impulses in check so as to create businesses

which incorporate the marketing tactics THAT they were raised on.

So as to create comfortable lifestyles that symbolise a well-adjusted mode of consumption.


Maybe it's a kind of neo-nihilism?

Instead of living close to their own death

as per hipsters of Mailer’s era,

these hipsters today live under the shadow of a dead utopia.


A utopia they no longer seek to resuscitate

instead they are happy to use espresso machines and batch fermenters

as a life support mechanism, keeping the dream at bay...

in a state of suspended animation.


Neo-Diaspora did not inherit the postmodern-hipster-irony
  • some still believed in utopia
  • and instead of killing heaven to give life to lifestyle
  • they killed themselves to give life to 


  • beyond the death of god we now fear the death of culture
  • through the production of cultural voids
which stem from double alienations that could be triple,

but it depends on which nation.
  • This paradox has similarities to AI research of the 1980s
  • I was born in the 1980s



In particular there is Moravek's paradox, which occurred around about my birthday.

- feel free to google it.
Moravek says: You can teach a machine cerebral functions and things like language
but it's infinitely harder to teach spatial awareness and adaptive motor skills.

such that a robot could navigate across a room on it's own.
  • human beings are the opposite: our most complex mechanisms of movement are what we take most for granted
  • and the neo-diaspora... well, they were never planted



we learn language without the gymnastics of grammar.

And this is why when I was younger I would sincerely say...

I'm a Badman from Badmanistan / trying to chat to chicks that might be afghan 


And now there is MANNA, a machine aided process 

which delves deep into the schizo-affect of my previous position as Neo-Diaspora.


How did we get here? 

It doesn't make sense anymore,

because diaspora is a binary logic of home and scatter

It is much more pertinent now to think of our situation 

as rather having a fractal nature

so as to do away with notions of (original) origins, (ghetto) copy and (failure) inferior


At the end of 2014 my therapist recommended that I go to Dalston

and join a bakery that offered placements,

for people who were struggling with their mental health.

I went there and became curious about everything.

At the same time I was also working in Selfridges in central london

whilst performing the role of a ‘migrant’ chef in the basement,

and you know what they said to me?

that my English was too good, so I started to face problems.

I then quit my kitchen role and moved on from the bakery to a brewery in Hackney

starting a 2 year stint in drinks production, with a side of hipster anthropology.

This involved a lot of hard repetitive

Some days I would produce 80L of lemon juice by hand!

Whilst doing this I was also undergoing a prolonged phase

struggling with my body in a kind of anorexic process.

I began to treat it like a machine, the body

extreme bouts of fasting,

calculating the molecular values of everything I put in and put out.

This type of activity was effectively reproduced by my working on the machines,

Machines which I would fill and then empty.

Whilst doing this, I would normally be plugged into my headphones


Everything I listened to was dictated by the Allahgorithm

and it's bevy of playlists served up by the angelic digital assistants.

So there would often be parts of the day when these 3 processes would converge:
  • The fasting, the listening and the bottling.
And then it started to happen.

A singularity could develop and we were all machine.

a Body without Organs functioning like a rhizomatic GIF


Shandy Saffron Labelling.gif
This is what I am calling MANNA... the Machine Aided Neural Networking of Affect.

A form of sublimation which can only be decoded after the matter is made explicit.

In today's era of psycho-politics the most important commodities are emotion, feeling and affect.

They are quickly becoming the primary modes of production

And in our current neo-liberal regime - which birthed these new hipsters -

emotions are deployed as economic resources in order to bring about heightened states productivity, desire and achievement

this can be seen as the free unfolding of personality, in such a way that

being free means giving free rein to ones emotions and states of affect.


And now I would like to ask you a question... 

What is the difference between a hipster an artist and a jihadist???

they are all producers and traders in meaning... resellers of heaven it could be said.

so it is completely in line with consumer capitalism

for one to be engaged in such pursuits that deal directly with emotion

so we move beyond the traditional Marxist binary of use value vs. economic value

and open this third realm of emotive or cultic value, 

which the artists, hipsters and jihadists all lay claim to.

Those who are still concerned with the concept of origin, will now come along and say...

"but in the beginning there was a ritual"

1] Gapeto begoo... Khamoosh

Khamoosh, means to extinguish

After the ritual is extinguished there can come an image.

And from this image they experienced a magic that is today called science.

The phrase Neo-DiaSpora, was just a way to embrace the schizophrenic quality of multiple forms of displacement. 

The phrase Neo-DiaSpora, was just a way to embrace the schizophrenic quality of multiple forms of displacement. 

Please Pretend I said it once again.

And Furthermore, it is the embodiment of a paradox.

A placement that is both contingent and dependent on it's displacement

it is both cause and effect.

When I used the term Ne-o-Di-as-pora, I used to refer to 2nd and 3rd generation migrants

such as myself who belong to a particular generation.

Our paradox is such that: On the one hand we are alienated from our maternal cultures.

And on the other we were birthed as hyper-connected plugged into globalising forces and the internet.

sometimes they say that our generation

millenialis are the embodiment of

2] PROGRESS... ad finitum




this particular alienation vis-a-vis hyper-connection was first realised during our formative years.

We were one of the first to get churned by the violence of Progress.

Such associated rhetoric as Huntingdon's clash synthesis,

And the aforementioned Psychopolitics, which draws on Foucault's discipline & punish

Our only method of resistance was to realise that we are the glitch in the system.

We are, the opening of too many apps and browser tabs

that fuck with whatever kernel we are placed in.

We just want to free ourselves of the origin myth, and function on a horizontal drift.

Between deleuze and foucault we developed our own trialectic...


- The first is personal; as in the work should allow one to nurture a dissolving sense of self, whilst also excavating deeper into a pseudo-consciousness.
- The second is a local and communal, helping to navigate dominant narratives within the predominant context.


- And the third is global: which in today's age relies very much on the notion of becoming digital. 
  Trasnscoding oneself into data which can be reproduced as (information) images.

So it makes sense when I say that The white people want to become Bengali

at the very same point in time

that the Bengalis are becoming more Arab.

think about it? long beards and short trousers...

It’s like they have a nostalgia for the discipline society.

whereas the jihadist has an undirected nostalgia for pre-modern discipline.

In Arabic the word سفیر means traveller

صفر means zero

And in hip hop cypher means

When We tend towards zero and cease to exist...