Fugitive Voices

Mapping as Intro

Aestheticised Relations

I worry that we carrier bags are forgetting how to hold things. In the English language, “to be at sea” is an idiom that suggests that you are discombobulated or confused. You have lost your bearings. To be alive as bodies of water, in these times, some of us might feel tetherless. But what if for others, tetherless was another way to say: getting free? – (MOUSSE)

In Networked Solitudes
of Control
in an empty sea
of images.

Fish Bar Symposium

Segment from the BBC documentary (Venice Biennale, Britain’s New Voices, 2017) featuring the Grove Fish Bar and Square Root London.

UDERCOMMONS / Alternative BA:
Rumi’s Cave & BARBEDOUN

Link to concept: https://www.newyorker.com/culture/persons-of-interest/fred-motens-radical-critique-of-the-present

Hipster Interlude / Venice



LIVE ARCHIVE (Site Specifics)

I have been instructed to speak less of my past, preferably to do away with it, especially when it comes to artistic practice. At first I was excited by the freedom this offered; to be civilised, instead of just cultured. An opportunity to sit within a canon of formalistic forms and formulations – a space in which ‘identity’ no longer functions. Because my past is heavy, it is too much of a burden. Others cannot relate to its particularities, the punctum of its weight.

Hence it may not be clear why I have chosen to install an empty bottle fridge, filled with the sounds of grief, as a degree show piece. The premise of this work is to offer a kind of libation, within a space where the serving and spilling of drinks is forbidden. For I am mourning the death of my neighbour, friend and colleague Khadija Saye; because I cannot be in this space without thinking of her. She was the one who brought me here two years ago, to see a previous version of this degree show and made me promise that I would join her as a prospective student, so as to graduate together in the summer of 2019. Yet I stand here alone today, because a few weeks after that encounter, Khadija was killed in the fire of Grenfell Tower, a blaze that was apparently caused by the faultiness of an immigrant’s fridge.

South London Gallery Residency…

Exhibition images: HOW TO MAKE A HOW FROM A WHY?

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