Fake Booze Performance.jpg


#FakeBooze : Shandy Saffron (2017) | Diaspora Pavilion | Venice


#FakeBooze was a five-hour performance in reference to the phenomenon of Fake News. For the launch of the Diaspora Pavilion, I distributed over 500 bottles of my own neo-diasporic drink called Shandy Saffron - a real shandy that did not contain any Saffron. 

The drinks were produced in collaboration with a handmade soda brewery in Hackney, East London. Every bottle was labelled with a Facebook post listing the full ingredients of the drink, as well as comments from friends. The image used in the post is a screenshot of me in a BBC documentary about hipsters; this was filmed in 2016 when I was working in the same soda company as a production assistant. 

Following the performance, a selection of empty bottles were included in my installation MANNA, a linked work connecting hipsters - the ceremonial drinks makers of the UK - to my maternal family, who were ceremonial drinks makers in Iran.


Collaborators: Square Root London | Documentation: Kajal Nisha Patel