My first artwork was teaching philosophy in my local fish and chip shop.

Segment from the BBC documentary (Venice Biennale, Britain’s New Voices, 2017) featuring the Grove Fish Bar and Square Root London.

I then made many different kinds of community projects…

I like to make drinks as an artwork because they bring people together…

This is how I make lemon juice in art…


Everything is Art… Even Praying can be an Art

Eating soup in the Tate can be art…

A little fridge can be an art…

More drinks as art!

Current: Ouranophobia SW3

Sonic Support Group

Helping NHS staff and front-line workers access art during the lockdowns and the pandemic

More Recent Work

Window Performance
11&1, Belmacz

Even a door can be art!

Somerset House Studios: Temporary Compositions

Thank you for taking the time to consider my work. I would love to work with you and find out what kind of art we can make together.

With best wishes,