Bourne mouth

Bunny hopping with Yasiin at the beach, our footprints interweave
nudged by waves to reappear as endless difference
existing, compressing love and distance.

Collapsing Calippos at 16:00

I saw it in me then: a child, a little hidden.
Simple joy, temptation, desires to do everything

be alive, be curious,
be life:

Fiddling with pebbles, dancing, napping, creating something, sublime poiesis.

It felt like a sense of reunion. This child is the joyous aspect of myself that I see in them:
happy to be alive, receiving gifts that the five year-old adult in me was taught to critique and refuse.

Living life in the present tense, something I was too wary to do,
because; too much risk; fears of losses; needs needing to be managed; controlled and delayed;
a gentle whisper that asks; what about the spark?

What about reaching out to touch the world and feeling the caress of the wind.