BARBEDOUN (2014-2016) | Various Locations | London


Whilst working as a production assistant in a craft soda brewery in East London, my observations led me to consider an existential relationship, between contemporary hipsters and neo-diasporic jihadists. I was moved by this idea and established an alcohol-free pop-up bar, so as to situate a series of installations and performances, as a means of inhabiting this phenomenon further.

The name BARBEDOUN is a bilingual amalgam that translates to The Bar Without - a triple entendre, relating to the lack of space, place and drink for neo-diasporic muslims engaging with Western cultural hegemony. Over a two-year period, I lubricated a range of pop-up situations including: supper-clubs, lectures, performances, exhibitions, weddings, parties and so on.

BARBEDOUN is currently parked in the basement of The Grove Fish Bar in West London, awaiting reincarnation. 


Collaborators: Jason Codrington, Xim Sum, Arsalan Isa, Samiya Rashid, Mariam Rashid, Ahmed Elshimi, Mohammed Elshimi, Fahad Khalid, Derkan Dogan, William Barylo, Square Root London, OOMK zine, Open School East, Ehsan Fathi, Abu Musa, Maida Hill Place, Imad Ahmed, Shopna Nessa, Palm II Clapton, Selma Ahmed, Salmana Ahmed, Meryem Meg, St Ethelburga's centre, The River Gallery, Ahmed Moustafa, Mohammed Rashid, Hyder Mohsin.

Documentation: Arsalan Isa, William Barylo & Abbas Zahedi

Press: Huffington Post article about BARBEDOUN supper-clubs.