Will there be Hipsters in Heaven?

Lecture Performance at Rabbit’s Road Press, London, 2018

abbzah jumah

Event copy:

“Whilst working as a production assistant in a craft soda brewery in East London, my observations led me to consider an existential relationship, between contemporary hipsters and neo-diasporic jihadists. I was moved by this idea and established an alcohol-free pop-up bar, so as to situate a series of installations and performances, as a means of inhabiting this phenomenon further.” – Abbas Zahedi

The roadmap towards a framework of neo-diaspora is an effort to process and de-historicise experiences of digestion, death and displacement. Taking place alongside installations, performances and images, to highlight Technologies of Otherness amidst hyper-connected realities. This phrasing follows on from expressing no further relation to notions of (geo)diaspora in the traditional sense – as a movement about margins and metropoles. But instead, it has become an entanglement of survival, within a complex and transitional state of belonging to multiple imaginal spaces.

Join Abbas for a lecture performance about his practice in relation to the themes above, followed with time for questions and discussion.

Hosted by OOMK zine as part of their Curriculum program.

Source: https://www.rabbitsroadpress.com/new-events/2018/6/27/talk-will-there-be-hipsters-in-heaven-neodiaspora-with-abbas-zahedi