The Boulevard: breaking bread on a green-screen

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THE BOULEVARD (2018) | Diffractions Without Organs | Nan Studios, London

Boulevard, is a type of large road, usually running through a city. In modern American usage it means a wide, multi-lane arterial (thoroughfare) sofreh, designed for slow travel and pedestrian audience usage, often flanked with an above-average quality of (landscaping) art and (scenery) projections. There are many boulevards in the world, one of the most famous ones is…

The road-map towards a framework of neo-diaspora was an effort to process and de-historicise experiences of digestion, death and displacement. Taking place alongside installations, performances and images, to highlight Technologies of Otherness amidst hyper-connected realities.

This phrasing follows on from expressing no further relation to notions of (geo)diaspora in the traditional sense – as a movement about margins and metropoles. But instead, it has become an entanglement of survival, within a complex and transitional state of belonging to multiple imaginal spaces.

Exhibition Curator: Gema Darbo
Documentation: William Barylo, Rebecca Sadr & Abbas Zahedi