Diaspora Pavilion, Palazzo Pisani Santa Marina, Venice, 2017

#FakeBooze was a one day performance for the launch of the Diaspora Pavilion in 2017. I distributed over 500 bottles of my own handmade drink called Shandy Saffron – a real shandy that did not contain any Saffron.

The drinks were subsequently available throughout the course of the exhibition and displayed as part of my site-specific installation MANNA: Machine-Aided Neural Networking of Affect.

Collaborators: Ed Taylor & Square Root London

Documentation of performance for Diaspora Pavilion opening, Venice, 2017. Photo: Kajal Nisha Patel.
Abbas 3
Installation view of Shandy Saffron for Diaspora Pavilion, Venice, 2017. Credit: International Curators Forum.
Shandy Saffron Labelling
Labelling process for Shandy Saffron bottles at Square Root London, 2017. Credit: Ed Taylor
MORAVEK bottling process. Documentation of Performance by Abbas Zahedi & Jimmie Scott at Square Root London, 2016. Video: Alex J Dunne